I’m keen to offer my clients a choice of creative therapy techniques to use in the counselling room. These won’t suit everyone, but for some people a creative activity can spark the imagination and help the energy flow when words fail us.

Here are just some of the techniques I can offer:

Drawing and Painting

A colourful palette of poster paints - creative therapy techniques

I always make sure we have pens, paper, crayons etc. to hand, ready to use at a moment’s notice. It really is true that ‘a picture can tell a thousand words’. You don’t need to be a skilled artist – a simple stick-figure can ‘speak’ more clearly than the Mona Lisa…


sand tray in therapy use - creative therapy techniques

Sandtray (sometimes called ‘sand play’) can feel silly at first. It might feel childish, and it can take some time to trust the process. Yet it can also be a powerful technique for unlocking the unconscious, helping us to tell the stories that we’re waiting to tell.

Tarot (and animal cards)

A spread of tarot cards - creative therapy techniques

Tarot cards aren’t just about ‘fortune telling’. Archetypes like ‘the Lovers’ and ‘the Wheel of Fortune’ offer us rich images to inspire the therapy process, particularly if we feel stuck or unsure of what to bring.

For this reason I also work with animal cards. Think about the different meanings you attach to an eagle, a mouse, a crocodile – and the messages we might take from the animal kingdom.

Dream interviews

figure reflected on a beach - creative therapy techniques

I’m trained to offer a particular Dream Interview technique, which involves re-telling your dream from the perspective of each character and element. This is a surprisingly powerful way to understand our dreams! Dream Interviews take place when you’re awake, as part of a regular counselling session.

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